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Anger, Rage and Relationship

This two day (weekend) workshop, available in Poole and Exeter, will help counsellors, psychotherapists and others in helping professions deepen their understanding of, and confidence in, working with their own and clients’ anger and rage.

  • This workshop defines and differentiates between anger and rage, explores the positive aspects of anger and identifies a wide range of ways in which anger gets distorted.
  • Presents neuroscience, academic and positive outcomes in psychotherapy research, which support a relational approach and methodologies for working with anger and rage
  • There is an opportunity to view a demonstration of the approach, skills practice, a supervision slot to discuss a case and opportunities throughout for Q&A.
  • Provides really useful models to guide participants' practice and to share with clients, as well as methodologies that are both professionally and personally useful.
  • Deepens understanding about how a therapeutic relationship alone provides clients with everything they need to address their anger and rage issues.
  • Arms participants with up to date neuroscience, positive outcomes in therapy and academic research findings.
  • An empathic, relational approach will be experienced first hand as the process of the training mirrors the approach being advocated.

Course Details

10 good reasons to book your place:

  1. 12% of the population of England, Scotland and Wales said they had trouble expressing their anger; that’s a very sizeable client group (Boiling Point report, MHF, 2008)

  2. More and more health authorities do not make provision for patients with anger issues and suggest to their patients that they seek help privately

  3. You will find it really helpful in your practice to deepen your understanding about the differences between anger and rage and how to work with them

  4. You will take away really useful models to guide your practice and to share with your client

  5. You will deepen your understanding about how a therapeutic relationship alone provides your client with everything they need to address their anger and rage issues

  6. Feedback about the quality of this training, it’s relevance to practice and it’s usefulness personally to participants is consistently very high

  7. Through this training you will discover that you already have all the necessary skills to work with anger and rage

  8. Rage is an issue for all of us, not just those who come to the attention of authorities or come to us as clients; participants have experienced helpful insights into their own anger and rage processes

  9. You will be armed with up to date neuroscience, positive outcomes in therapy and academic research findings which challenge the mainstream understanding of and approach to rage issues

  10. Participants have commented on how the process of the training mirrors the approach being advocated and experience an empathic, relational approach first hand


Our CPD workshops are open to anyone who is interested in the subject matter, wants to develop their skills and expand their knowledge. This workshop is particularly aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists and those in helping professions who work therapeutically with others.

How to apply:

Simply sign up using the booking form on this web page - supplying the requested details and paying the applicable fee (please see the 'Fees' tab for further information and details of other ways to pay). 
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Iron Mill Student/Graduate Offer: - £160.00
Iron Mill Approved Practitioner: - £170.00
Standard Course fee: - £180.00


What our Students Say

"I wasn't sure what to expect of the Iron Mill course but I loved every minute of it. The tutors and course content are nothing short of excellent, I would definitely recommend studying here. Thank You so much!"
Laura Temple - Certificate in Counselling Graduate

What our Students Say

"I have never been in such a creative, free, wonderful environment to learn. The mix of students is just buzzing. I have felt it such a privilege to have been allowed to be present.

Our tutor was such a delight....and I hope she continues teaching in her wonderfully human, but knowledgeable way."
A. Davey - Diploma in Supervision Graduate
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