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In September 2023, we launched a Schools Counsellor Network.  Being a school counsellor or therapist is rewarding, but it's also challenging and at times even lonely. We want to build a community of counsellors and therapists working in schools; one where we can explore the  joys and challenges, discuss strategies and interventions and consider therapeutic work outside the counselling room, such as parent support and group work.

Our series of online events are designed to bring practitioners together to share best practice and overcome the sense of professional isolation that might come from being the only counsellor in an organisation. In our second event, on 30 November 2024, we welcome you to a brief snapshot of three exciting areas of practice to increase strategies and interventions for the school counsellor and the profession:

  • Meeting the American School Counsellor Association – What can we learn from a school counselling community?

  • Counselling neurodivergent young people in schools – How can we help?

  • Collecting outcomes – What works best in schools?

Working to create a future world where all students thrive

The American School Counselor Association are a well-established community and network of school counsellors and supervisors who lead, advocate and collaborate to promote equity and success for all students by connecting the school counselling programme to the school’s academic mission and school improvement plan. ASCA attests that School Counsellors work “to create a future world where all students thrive.” What can we learn from their structure and professional standing? Are their joys and challenges like our own?

Counselling neurodivergent young people in schools

Most school counsellors will recognise there has been a rise in clients presenting with what we now recognise as neurodivergent issues. How do we understand and respond to their needs? What can we do to help ease their journey through school? Sian Clare is an experienced and accredited school counsellor and supervisor who is currently engaged in a variety of CPD around neurodivergence to ensure she can best serve this community within counselling practice. Sian will share insights and understanding of how best to respond to neurodivergence in our young clients.

Collecting outcomes

How do we feedback to the school and policy makers that our practice works? Charlie Duncan is a senior research fellow with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy with a research interest in counselling and psychotherapy for children and young people within a school-based setting. She will present participants with an overview of routine outcome measures, why school counsellors might want to use them and some practical guidance on how to gather and analyse data for the school context.

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Meet our Network Lead

Dr Marilyn McGowan has been a school counsellor and supervisor for the last thirty years.  She is a strong advocate of counselling in schools and improved pay and conditions for all counsellors.

She has an extensive portfolio in counselling training and her commitment to counselling children and young people has also led herMarilyn to develop CPD courses at national and international levels, within statutory and voluntary sectors, for fellow professionals involved in supporting vulnerable young people and their families. She is a member of BACP’s Expert Reference Group – Children and Young People Counselling.

Qualifications: Professional Doctorate, MA (Hons.), PG Dip C.G, Adv.Cert. Learning Studies, Reg. MBACP (Accred.)

Role(s): Centre Manager for Poole as well as a lecturer on the Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Diploma in Supervision


Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole   

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