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Room Hire in Exeter or Poole.

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people sat together with notepads on their lapsOur room hire in Exeter, Devon or in Poole, Dorset creates the perfect space to run successful events. 

We have a variety of room sizes that will deliver a great environment for meetings, functions, lectures, workshops, private therapy, wellbeing sessions, and much more. 

We are also offering some of our rooms for rental by suitably qualified, compassionate, and caring professionals for related lifestyle and well-being activities such as yoga, pilates, mindfulness, creative activities/groups, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, choir meetings, movement, drama, study days, music workshops, group supervision, etc. We also have small rooms available for rental by the hour for counselling, psychotherapy, and supervision. 

Please be aware that as a college used by students and the local community, this building at times will be quiet, and other times filled with music, chatter, and laughter. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

CPD: We do not offer room rentals for externally provided CPD purposes, but if you are interested in offering a CPD as a contracted member of staff with Iron Mill College, then please do contact us

To book your room hire with us in Exeter, please call 01392 219200. To book your room hire in Poole, please call 01202 743804 or email

What does your room hire include?:

  • A lunch space
  • A kitchen space including tea and coffee for clients/participants 
  • The Library (quiet area)
  • Outdoor space 
  • We can arrange a flipchart / Whiteboard and pens on request 
  • Some rooms have access to a TV for presentations, and projectors in Exeter only

What does my room rental not include?:

  • Specialist equipment you might require (such as a massage couch or Pilates floor mats for example), although we are happy to store these items for you (subject to available storage space) if you are booking your room on a weekly basis and wish to leave them here. 
  • IT support, please contact us if you require some help

Small Room Hire (2-3 people) in Exeter

Room Hire

  • Capacity 2-people 
  • Available 7 days per week from 9am - 6pm 
  • Weekday evenings 6pm - 9pm by arrangement 
  • Hourly rate of £10.00 per hour
  • Perfect sized room for private therapy and wellbeing session

Small Room Hire (4 - 8 people) in Exeter

Counselling Room

  • Up to 4 - 8 people
  • 7 day per week from 9am - 6pm
  • Weekday evenings 6pm - 9pm by arrangement 
  • Hourly rate of £12.00 per hour 
  • A great sized room for small workshops and teaching lessons

Medium Teaching Room (14 - 18 people) in Exeter

A small teaching room with black chairs

  • Up to 14 - 18 people 
  • Day bookings only or half-day (minimum 3-hours)
  • Half-day rate (minimum 3-hours) - £75.00
  • Full day rate - £130.00 
  • A fantastic space for workshops, group work, and small events

Large Teaching / Conference Room (30 - 50 people) in Exeter

A room with black chairs

  • 30+ (depending on activity)
  • 50+ if seated 
  • Day bookings or half-day (minimum 3-hours)
  • Half-day rate (minimum 3 hours) - £90.00
  • Full Day rate - £160.00

Small Room Hire (2-3 people) in Poole

DSCN0048 (1)

  • £12 per hour 

Medium Room Hire in Poole (20 - 25 people) in Poole


  • £75 per half day (3 hours) and £130 for a full day
  • 25 people with chairs in a circle, plus a facilitator, 20 people with chairs in rows, plus a facilitator 

Large Room Hire in Poole (50+ people) in Poole

MicrosoftTeams-image (18)

  • £90 per half day (3 hours) and £160 for a full day
  • 50+ people per room
  • 2 small breakout rooms included near the entrance of the room. These hold a capacity of 2 - 3 people per room.

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