How to Integrate Nature Therapy into your Practice

1-day workshop | Friday 12th July 2024 | Emma Pritchard | Poole

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Nature Therapy

This workshop will help you to understand:

  • How Shinrin Yoku (Forest bathing) and working alongside nature can complement and support your therapeutic practice.
  • The history and scientific benefits of Shinrin Yoku to support our clients, and our own physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • The healing properties of the spiritual element of Nature and how symbols, imagery, and stories can support our clients to awaken their subconscious into their conscious mind.
  • Practical essentials of contracting for working outdoors with our clients; for example, permissions, outdoor first aid, insurance, risk assessments, case studies, and practical exercises.

Key Benefits

Working as a counsellor within nature is the ideal way to support our self-care to ensure we are being the best we can be for our clients, alongside supporting the healing of our clients, as they reconnect to their bodies, minds, and spirit within nature.

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Target audience

If you are interested in evolving your counselling practice into outdoor spaces, then this course will enable you to feel competent and confident to offer your clients outdoor sessions going forward.

Meet Emma Pritchard

Emma is an accredited counsellor. In 2018 she began to evolve her counselling practice within woodland spaces. She is now a certified forest therapist and integrates Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) within her counselling practice, working solely outdoors with young people, families and adults.

Workshop date & cost

Friday 12th July 2024, 9:30am - 4:30pm 

  • General Admission - £80.00
  • IMC Student / Graduate - £60.00
  • IMC Students in Advanced Training - £40.00

Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole

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