What is Psychotherapy?

Free Online 1-hour Public Lecture | Karen Minikin

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What is Psychotherapy

An online, inspirational, short, interactive talk followed by a Q&A that covers the basic premise of Psychotherapy.

This online short interactive talk covers the basic premise of the theory and practice of psychotherapy. It will be useful for people wanting to consider training in the field of counselling or psychotherapy.

In addition this serves to inform people who are considering having some psychotherapy. There will be opportunity for questions and discussion including similarities and differences between counselling and psychotherapy.

If you are interested in furthering or starting a brand new career in Psychotherapy, click here to view our TA Psychotherapy Foundation Course.

There will be time for a Q&A session, so please bring your questions! To book onto an event, please see the buttons above or click here. 

Key Benefits

Key benefits include being able to make an informed choice about how to attend to mental health and which professional training might suit best.


Participants will gain an overview of the field of psychotherapy including the origins, development over the years and contemporary perspectives. Some clarity on the relationship between counselling and psychotherapy will also be gained.

Meet Karen Minikin

Karen Minikin has a clinical and supervision practice in Wellington, West Somerset. She teaches TA psychotherapy at the Iron Mill, as well as visiting other TA teaching venues. She has served for council and a range of committees with her national organisation and is current a co-editor for the Transactional Analysis Journal. She specialises in radical and relational approaches in psychotherapy and supervision.

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