Managing Disclosures of Abuse - How do we manage this in the therapy room?

3-hour Workshop | Mon 13th May 2024| 630pm-930pm | Alison Woodward | Online

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This three-hour CPD course will introduce counsellors and therapists to how we can hold and respond to disclosures of abuse within the therapeutic space.

The course will cover aspects of safeguarding, confidentiality and how we keep the work ethical and safe when a disclosure emerges.

We will look at working from a Trauma-Informed approach, the limits to our role as counsellors and therapists and how we can safely and gently slow a disclosure down to ensure the information is protected for any future Police investigations or claims.

This workshop will develop confidence in your ability to tolerate and hold disclosures appropriately and safely. It will equip you to:

  • To understand what a disclosure might look like and whether to ask further questions or not
  • To understand how to position confidentiality and the need for any safeguarding of your client
  • To understand how the therapeutic work can continue once a disclosure has been made in the context of any police investigation
  • To understand the unconscious bias’s that stop disclosures happening and what it means if and when they come during a therapeutic piece of work.

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Key benefits

The workshop will enable you to:

  • Work through and anxieties about receiving disclosures and be curious with yourself about why they may or may not be forthcoming in your work
  • To be confident in your note taking and your approach with your clients to keep them safe and to enhance your working relationship with them
  • To consider the impact on you as a practitioner and how to stay okay in the work


Target audience

Qualified and Trainee (in placement) Therapists.

Workshop date & cost

  • Monday 13th May 2024 - 630pm - 930pm 
  • General Admission - £30.00
  • IMC Student / Graduate - £22.50
  • IMC Students in Advanced Training - £15.00

Meet Alison Woodward

Alison is a Supervisor, UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and Certified Transactional Analyst. She works in private practice in Bournemouth, Bournemouth University as a lecturer in clinical skills and for the Sexual Trauma and Recovery Service (STARS) in Dorset.

Alison has developed her experience in working with clients who have symptoms of complex PTSD. She works using Herman’s three-phase therapeutic approach as a trauma framework with her clients to ensure clinical safety and space to understand and resolve the intrusive symptoms that client’s experience.

Her passion is sharing knowledge with other practitioners to support their therapeutic practice and develop their skills to allow the client to recover.

Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole   

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