The Dynamics of Alienation

2 hour workshop | Sat 18th May 10am-12pm | Karen Minikin | Online

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This webinar introduces participants to the theme of alienation and the dynamics of oppression that manifest in social and psychological distress. Karen will present succinct philosophical premises and concepts and there will be opportunity for questions and discussion. 

This webinar covers the clinical, social and philosophical themes covered in the first half of Karen Minkins’s book: Radical-Relational Perspectives in Transactional Analysis. These include systemic, institutional, and individual dynamics of alienation, oppression and systems of dependency. There will be a combination of theory presentation, clinical examples, reflective exercises and discussion

The workshop will be relevant for those interested in social, cultural and political perspectives in counselling and psychotherapy.  It will be of interest to practitioners who want to understand more about power dynamics such as coercive control. It will also look at the way in which contemporary theory is considering the relevance of constructivist approaches and the importance at times of being able to deconstruct our philosophy, theories and methodologiesParticipants may take away some fresh perspectives on their work with clients. 

Who is this event for?

Trainee counsellors and psychotherapists 

Qualified counsellors and psychotherapists 

Helping professionals, such as those working in health and social care 

Business professionals interested in understanding more about alienation and institutional power dynamics 

Mental health professionals and organisations 

Cost and date of this workshop

Saturday 18th May, 10am-Noon online via Zoom

  • Non-IMC delegates =  £30
  • IMC Students in Advanced Training =  £15

  • IMC Students/Graduates =  £22.50

M´╗┐eet Karen Minikin

Karen Minikin is a published author on relational psychotherapy. She is an integrative practitioner, drawing on psychodynamic theory and Transactional Analysis with a contemporary relational lens. She specialises in the relevance of social, economic and political context and helps practitioners pragmatically integrate these themes into their consulting rooms. She has contributed many chapters to books and article. Her own book: ‘Radical-Relational Perspectives in TA Psychotherapy’ is a personal and clinical account of how relational and transgenerational trauma manifests in therapeutic work. 

Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole   

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