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"The Joker: Self-Transformation through Art & Dream" by Chris Hoggett

A book on therapeutic art and dream.

Chris Hoggett, artist, author and teacher, developed severe attacks of depression from the end of the 1970s. In an effort to find the way out he spent many years with an art therapist, who thought he should face the significance of his vivid dreams by recording and expressing them. There followed a vast production of sketches, drawings, paintings of all kinds, sculptures, ceramics, and designs for theatrical costumes and artefacts.

This gallery of work developed while Chris nursed his mother before her death, walked the hills north of Cheltenham and toured New Zealand for six months. Working, and thinking about his work, led to gradual self-discovery and recognition of the Joker - the elusive factor in his personality - with a definite breakout from depression. This book records the journey and offers an insight into the use of art as a therapy. Fundamentally the book describes a journey which originated in a climate of fear and worked its way, over many years, towards a sense of hopefulness. 


  • 580 illustrations, more than half in colour
  • Foreword by Marina Warner
  • Available in paperback and hard cover
  • ISBN 978-0-9552736-1-2

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"This is a generous book: generous in conception and generous in presentation.  Chris Hoggett takes us on a transformative journey, from fear to hope, dark to light, revealing en route the complex interplay between inner being and artistic expression which is at the heart of creativity.  An engaging and challenging read, The Joker, with its striking artwork and fluid and flowing commentary, offers us a bold and honest insight into one man's struggle for self-understanding."
Patrick Dillon, Professor of Applied Education in the Faculty of Philosophy, The University of Eastern Finland

"This is a book to become absorbed in.  Jung used painting extensively in his own practice and encouraged all his pupils to do likewise.  Outside that tradition, I have found nothing comparable to this book as a demonstration of the self-healing process of the psyche and the role played in it by creative instinct.  Necessary reading, I would say, for all therapists." 
Julian David, Jungian Analyst, Diploma Jung Institute, Zurich, MA (Oxford), Member IAAP and UKCP

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