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We're Celebrating our 40th Anniversary!40th Anniversary IMC Logo

First of all, where did that time go? We're absolutely delighted to be celebrating our 40th anniversary this year and we cannot wait for you to join us! 

Iron Mill College was established in 1981 by Julie Hewson who started a small family business from her home located in Exmoor near a stream called the Iron Mill (yes, that's where our name came from!).

Julie's aspiration was to run a set of psychotherapy, psychological wellbeing courses that held a space for students to express their individuality, creativity and uniqueness. We're extremely proud to have carried this ethos right through to today. 

Iron Mill College moved to Exeter on Longbrook street which was still a family business but gave the opportunity for people to access the courses easier. The site only featured a few classrooms and offices but grew its reputation of providing excellent creative learning courses to the city and beyond. We still have a few staff members working with us today who joined the college back in the Longbrook street days!

In 2011, Julie decided to sell the college to CCS Training, an Irish company, where this allowed her to focus on her art interests. Since this time, the Iron Mill has grown rapidly where we have been able to offer a low-cost community counselling service, validated University courses, postgraduate courses and an excellent range of CPDs for our students and the general public.

CCS Training also opened a sister college called PCI College that leads counselling and psychotherapy courses in Ireland where we collaborate together to continue our journey of providing creative and outstanding education. From joining CCS Training, we have been able to open another branch in Poole which we are enjoying seeing the development of this centre. 

All in all, the college has grown from strength to strength. The creative learning community has flourished where we have been able to qualify students as Psychotherapists and Counsellors every year that will help hundreds of people in their career journey. 

What's the future for Iron Mill College? 

We've been running a few new courses over the last couple of years in our Post Qualifying programmes which has resulted in being a success. This has been a clear indicator to explore and provide more courses for people to expand their learning such as; Life Coaching, Ecotherapy and Animal Assisted Therapy. These courses are to be confirmed.

The one positive thing that we took from Covid-19 is that we were able to continue providing online courses and CPDs that helped the general public to progress their skills and knowledge. The accessibility of online learning has proven to be a success where we are at the start of launching a new project to provide our learning online internationally - watch this space! 

In the meantime, we continue to offer our low-cost counselling service, free public lectures and conferences to support the community that we live in. 

We would like to say thank you to all of our staff, students and those who have supported us to where we are today, we couldn't of celebrated this remarkable 40th anniversary without you. 

To say thank you, we are hosting a free public lecture with Nick Totton that has been extremely popular. We are currently holding a waiting list for people to join the event. There will be an option to donate to Mind Charity if you're drawn to do so, 

If you want to hear more about Iron Mill College's history and Rose's journey into joining the Iron Mill College then do listen to the podcast below! A special thanks to Inside Devon for having us on their podcast channel!

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