Introduction to Digital Self-Care

2-hour workshop | 2nd February 2024 12pm-2pm | Sylwia Korsak | Online

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This course offers an introduction to digital self-care and wellbeing for practitioners working online and with digital solutions


  • Introduction to the fundamental concepts of digital self-care and digital wellbeing
  • Myths and helpful research and theories underpinning the current approaches to digital self-care 
  • Practical tips for developing healthier digital habits for therapeutic work in the digital age 

What previous participants have said: 

"Very helpful introduction to self-care in post-lockdown times of hybrid work, thank you!."

"I am so pleased I managed to attend this course  – I especially enjoyed the myths about screen time and tips on healthy transition from and to online work."

"This is such an important topic. Thank you for sharing your insights!"

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Key Benefits

The key benefits of joining this workshop are:


  • A good introduction to key concepts of digital self-care and digital wellbeing - digital competencies for thriving in digital landscapes, responding to digital overwhelm and burnout, managing our online presences and digital footprint proactively as practitioners, etc.
  • A good introduction to core aspects of good digital wellbeing: healthy transitions from and to digital work, managing our health while working online, curating the online content we consume, managing our online privacy as practitioners, effective online relationship management for good wellbeing, supporting our client's digital self-care. 
  • An opportunity to learn about and share your own experience in preventing digital burnout and working towards a healthy digital work-life balance
  • An opportunity to reflect on our personal biases, technophobia and future career opportunities in the digital age 
  • An opportunity to influence future college courses on this topic

Target Audience

Thsi course will be useful for :-

  • Qualified counsellors and psychotherapists
  • Trainee counsellors
  • Any audiences/groups/organisations

Meet Sylwia Korsak

Sylwia (she/her) is a liberation practitioner working with a wide range of approaches centred around the client's safety, diversity, and agency. She is a qualified integrated counsellor and coach.

She has training and over two decades of experience in education, coaching, social and charity work, online activism, ethics, and digital wellbeing.

She grew up in Poland, studied in Hungary, and worked around the world before settling in the UK over a decade ago. She is a founder of, delivering consultancy, coaching, and counselling for digital wellbeing and liberation.

In the therapeutic setting, Sylwia has experience offering trauma, grief, anxiety and depression support. She offered talking, eco and virtual reality therapy. She supported young people, the LGBTQIA+ community, neurodiverse clients and clients from various multicultural backgrounds. She worked with Cruse, Mind, Relate, OTR Bristol, Changes and SWAN Project in the last six years. 

She currently offers counselling in her private practice while supporting clients who have experienced sexual abuse through Kinergy Bristol.   

Workshop Date and Cost

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom. 

Date:  Friday 2nd February 2024, 12pm-2pm

This is a donation only course so please donate what you feel is of value

Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole   

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