At times, our minds can get busy and swirl with to do lists, worries, questions or ideas and we can feel overwhelmed, untethered or scattered.  These feelings can lead to a flight, fight or freeze response where we reach out for distraction, procrastinate or get stuck and not know how to move forward.  If this ever happens to you, do you ever turn to being in nature to help?  So many people enjoy the positive effect of nature on their mental wellbeing.


There are many ways that we benefit from being in nature.  Firstly, when we move our bodies it moves our minds and once outside just being in daylight has been shown to improve mood, enhance morale and reduce fatigue.  Also nature helps us to experience different states of mind.  

For example, views expand our mind, calm waters calm us, the ground brings us a sense of support and we feel grounded, the wind is cleansing and refreshing and the warmth of sunshine nourishes and soothes us.  The results are that we relax, feel uplifted and think more clearly returning to our lives with renewed clarity, drive and optimism.


All of the elements of nature affect us positively but plants and trees are particularly beneficial.  Because of this forest bathing has become popular where we are encouraged to walk, sit or lay and use all of our senses to experience the trees and nature around us.  This helps us to slow down, become present, destress and relax, plus it can provide measurable positive effects on the body.  


Observing the traits of trees provides teaching for us as they show us their day to day stillness, their strength and flexibility to withstand storms, the seasons of growing, birthing, releasing and resting and the symbiosis of life where they absorb our carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe.  We can also learn from the symbolism of different species like the courage and power of an oak or the good fortune, love and romance of cherry tree blossom.


Further still, beyond all of the benefits mentioned we can actively connect with the essence, energy and wisdom of trees to gain physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual help.  By asking to connect, interact with and open up to trees we can release negative emotions and receive positive feelings, guidance or energy.  This brings a profound connection with nature and increases our ability to use our intuition and inner knowing.  

We then know how to access an unlimited supply of support, guidance and healing meaning that we have tools which benefit our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing that we can use to navigate life’s ups and downs.  If you’d like to know more or give it a try contact me or join a Connecting With Trees Workshop where you will discover how to do it.

By Amanda at Amanda Radiant Love.

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What our Students Say

“The course has opened up my mind and my emotions to all aspects of human life both positive and negative. Because of this, I believe I am a much more rounded person & the possibilities are endless. For me the practical application along with the academic understanding really enriches the course...”
Suzanne Richards - Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling Graduate

What our Students Say

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Iron Mill - there is a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere which makes for a very positive learning environment. My tutor was excellent and the course content was both challenging and enjoyable. I have gained invaluable new skills and made lasting friendships."
Frances Carpenter - Certificate in Counselling Graduate
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