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FREE Public Lecture - Exeter, Wednesday 27th March 2019

'An Introduction to Transpersonal Therapy', with Robin Collins

This insightful evening event at Iron Mill College, Exeter is open to all. It will offer an intriguing preview of our exciting forthcoming Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy: Bringing Mindfulness to Relationship course at Iron Mill.

'An Introduction to Transpersonal Therapy', with Robin Collins:

The Transpersonal refers to the aspect of our being which has been called spiritual, and for some would include mystical or religious experience. The Transpersonal is difficult to define, for it begins at the outer reaches of definition, but in simple terms, involves an abiding feeling of connection and a sense of expansion beyond normal ego boundaries.  Whatever our belief system or religious outlook might be, a fundamental if perhaps rare aspect of human experience is encounter timeless moments of wholeness or one-ness, with nature, with others, and within the depths of our very being.

This FREE public lecture will provide an opportunity to gain some useful insights into this diverse form of mindfulness. Come away with an expanded presence and connection in relationship and a deeper ability to support the healing process for clients and yourself.

Robin Collins is a Lecturer and Year 2 Lead Tutor on the Foundation Degree (FdA) in Integrative Counselling at Iron Mill College. The important philosophical questions about meaning, truth and how to live a good life, remain central to Robin's life and work and he has explored mindfulness and transformational practices from many traditions. His qualifications include a Teaching Certificate and an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling.

To sign up for our FREE Public Lectures:

Simply email us at enquiries@ironmill.co.uk or call 01392 219200. Refreshments will be provided and CPD certificates will be available for all attendees.

To learn more about / apply for the exciting Transpersonal Therapy course featured in the lecture: 

Get in touch with us at enquiries@ironmill.co.uk / 01392 219200 or visit the relevant course page below:


What our Students Say

"Every weekend is full of practical skills to learn with the added theoretical background needed to understand it. The makeup of the group allows us to learn from each others experiences and from people with different therapeutic backgrounds. It's a great course with a supportive and excellent tutor."
Antoinette Davey - Advanced Transactional Analysis Programme

What our Students Say

"The balance of the skills and theory taught and what other students bring to the group provides a rich learning environment, which is great for all types of students!"
Antoinette Buisman - Advanced Transactional Analysis Student
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